It’s Over

It is over.  This church is wounded.  Please pray for it’s healing.


~ by wakeupfbc on October 22, 2008.

One Response to “It’s Over”

  1. name is Alison Coleman..use to be Alison Stewart. I attended Warrenton Frist Baptist for many years when my children were younger until we moved from the Warrenton area.

    Warrenton First Baptist has such a sweet spirit and some very loving hard working, community loving people..

    We must remember that nothing has taken our Lord by surprised. WFBC may be knocked down but not defeated. When The Lord closes one door, He will open another. The last will be better than the firs.

    WFBC be encouraged. The Lord will send just the right man for the job at such a time as this. Please dont let the devil get in this thing and cause division among the church. Stay united to the cause and pray!

    I love all of you but The Lord certainly loves you more and He is watching out for WFBC and He will not disaapoint you.

    Because He is, I AM,
    Alison Coleman

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